Our Expertise

Our expertise is constantly evolving. If in doubt ask us.

Some of our recent projects:

  • RPA (Robot Process Automation)
  • IoT and embedded products
  • SAP systems integrations and developments
  • ASM, C/C++, C#, ABAP programming
  • Ticketing systems
  • Control access systems
  • Security and alarm systems
  • Timekeeping and personnel management software
  • Control and monitoring civilian, industrial and medical processes
  • Weighing and dosing systems and installations
  • Data transmission and remote control
  • Wood industry automation, wood kilns
  • Temperature, humidity and pressure data loggers
  • Fruit and vegetables dehydration machinery (see: dehydrators.eu)
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems
  • Medical devices

Technologies used

Desktop and server side programming

  • C#, C/C++, ASM, Visual Basic VB, VBA, .NET;
  • ABAP, Java, Groovy, PHP, JavaScript;


  • RPA (Robot Process Automation), ABAP, ABAP OOP, SAP GUI Scripting, SAP SmartForms, SAP AdobeForms for HANA Cloud, HANA DB, S/4 HANA, CPI, RFC, BAdI, BAPI, IDoc, ALV, debugging, IoT edge, WebDynpro, BSP, MVC concepts, CDS views, Selection Screens, advanced debugging, Open SQL, SCI Code Inspector, SPAU, SPDD, Enhancements, Data Aging, Code retirement, S/4 and HANA custom code review and modifications, SAP PLC addins (in C#);

Embedded systems

  • Embedded ASM and C/C++ for Microchip 8bit RISC, 16bit DSP, 32bit MIPS, Atmel ARM CORTEX;
  • Raspberry PI, Linux, Android, FreeRtos;
  • Microchip MPLab, MPLab X, Atmel Studio;




  • PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JS, XML, OData, REST, HTTP(S), SSL, FTP, SMTP;
  • ASP .NET, IIS, Apache, MySQL, WordPress;
  • Linux, Dreamweaver, NetBeans;

Communication protocols and gateways

  • COM, ActiveX, DLL, OleDB, ODBC;
  • UDP, TCP/IP, XML, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, , SMTP, RFC, IDoc, OData, GPS NEMA, Hayes AT Commands;
  • Ethernet, RS232, RS485, USB, RfID, Wiegand, SPI, I2C, MODBUS, ProfiBUS, CAN, GSM/CDMA, 4G, GPRS, SMS, Bluetooth, ZigBEE, XBEE;

Platforms and environments

  • Windows, Linux, Android, FreeRTOS, SafeRTOS;
  • Visual Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans, various IoT platforms (Raspbian, Windows 10 Embedded, Arduino);

Electronics and Automation

  • Electronic schematic design for embedded, analog, digital and RF, PCB design (with licensed Eagle 6.4), embedded systems design and programming (ASM and C/C++), Mitsubishi PLC Alpha programming.

Mechanical engineering

  • Strong knowledge of: mechanisms, robotics, pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanical movements and components, strength of materials, fluid mechanics, technical drawing, motion control, thermodynamics, heat transfer, refrigerating and heating systems.
  • Strong knowledge of metal fabrication processes, machining, casting, welding and sheet metal forming processes. I have a great deal of experience designing parts made out of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and plastics. I also have experience in building and testing the final products with or without a team.


  • Solid Works, AutoCAD;